A Spark

“Your letter made me cry.”

I had just emailed a letter of recommendation for a dear friend; a letter for a potential employer that shared many of the things I love about her. As I read her text, I felt God whispering into my heart, and I began to think about something.

How often am I using the time He has given me throughout my day to encourage and build others up?  What words am I choosing to use with my husband, my kids, or even the customer service representative on the other end of the line? Am I allowing the stress I am feeling to spill out through my words? How are my actions affecting those around me? Are my actions revealing my frustrations of the day? Intentional or unintentional, are my words and actions building others up or tearing them down?

Her words made me think.

How often do I lift my eyes from myself, my troubles, my stress, my frustrations and see the others in my life that need a little encouragement? How often do I remind my husband that I love him and that I am so proud of him? How often do I point out the strengths I see in my kids to build their confidence? How often do I tell someone that I believe in them?

I recently read a quote that said, “Your words of encouragement could be the spark that pushes someone forward.” Our words could be a spark . . .

Who can you encourage today? Who can you build up today? Use your words and actions wisely. Often, they have more of an impact than we realize.






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