Taking the Time to See

Last night, as I sat and listened to my kids share the highlights of their day, I was reminded of something. When I was in the fourth grade, my teacher announced to our class that we would be putting on a play for the others students in the building as well as our parents. We would have two productions, and everyone in the class would be assigned to perform in either the student program or the parent program.  You could feel the excitement ripple through the room as she began to assign parts. Now, I have to tell you that up to this point in my childhood, many people would have described me as being quiet. I was extremely shy and never one who enjoyed being in the spotlight. So, you can imagine my surprise when I heard my teacher announce my name for one of the lead roles for the parent program. A lead role! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever see myself taking on a lead role in a play. But, can I tell you something?  Any anxiety that I may have felt over taking on that role was quickly diminished because of one thing and one thing only. My teacher . . . believed in me. She believed that I was capable. She saw the potential within me that I didn’t see myself.

As I sat listening to my kids last night, I found myself thanking God for another teacher. A teacher, just like my fourth grade teacher, that took the time to really see my kids. To see what makes them unique and to see the potential within each of them.

And that got me thinking . . . How often do I do this? How often do I take the time to really see people? How often do I look beyond the face they present to the world and look for the beauty that lies within? And . . .how often do I tell them what I see there? How often do I share with them the beauty that I see that they may not be able to see themselves?

Our words, friend, can be an incredible gift to others. Take the time to really see people. Take the time to see them and then encourage them. Knowing someone believes in them could mean more than you realize. Don’t underestimate the positive impact you can have on another just through your words.





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